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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Alright SOOOO I was a Devil for my brother and sister-in-laws Halloween party. My costume was real simple, it consisted of the headband with the two horns, a bow tie which was kinda tight and I didn't care for and a tail that you just clip onto your clothes. I also bought a pitchfork to kinda complete the whole look. So this is the makeup I actually wore to the party. Products I used were mostly Inglot eyeshadows and some NYX. I hope you guys like this look and give it a try too.

Click here for the video.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

❤ Jesse's Girl Palettes Swatches

I was super stoked to try out Jesse's Girl new eyeshadow palettes. There are four in the collection and each one has nine eyeshadows. They are smaller than the average palette, but the average palette price ranges from 30-60 bucks. You can find these palettes at Rite Aid or at Jesse's Girl Cosmetics DOT com for only $3.99! I think that's a steal! The pigmentation of these shadows were really impressive and I really like the color combos. I don't have much to complain about with these other than it really bothers me that the two shadows on each end are not the same size as the rest and that's only because of the shape and size of the palette itself. I know its a silly thing cause the difference is like .01 oz but still I want that .01 oz! I guess I'm just anal. I've messed around with all of them and my fave is the green palette. I got a lot of compliments when I wear these colors too. They kinda remind of nature, there's lots of greens and browns like trees in the forest and the blue reminds me of the sky above those trees. Very beautiful palette. Each one includes a double sided sponge tip brush which I'm a huge fan of and I like that its a long brush so its much easier to use. I think its a great buy and anyone should try them all... or at least one! Check out the awesome swatches below.

Click here for the video.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Its so much fun creating Halloween looks. This is a look for a peacock, which I have never been for Halloween but I've always wanted to be but the costumes never looked right on me. So I decided to do this for anyone who is gonna be a peacock this Halloween. It doesn't just end there, this look will also look great if you're a sexy leprechaun, or a sexy Mad Hater or even a simple mermaid. I think this would be awesome with anything that has a lot of greens. Products I used in the video are Inglot eyeshadows: #16, #58, #67, #372, #453. Wet N Wild brow kit, Almay liquid eyeliner, icing pencil eyeliner, and I don't remember which lashes I used. So I hope you enjoyed the video, here are some pictures too.

Click here for the video.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

❤ Kat Von D Candelabra Edition Palette

Kat Von D is my absolute favorite. She is an amazing tattoo artist and makeup artist as well as photographer. I love her. So as soon as I heard this palette came out I had to have it. I do have the Tattoo Chronciles Volume 1 so I figured this may be Volume 2 but it doesn't say. Anyway I checked out my nearest Sephora and nabbed one for myself for $49. I'm really weird when it comes to brand new palettes cause I never want to use them because they look so pretty brand new. Well I had to use it cause I really wanted to make a video and for me to do that I obviously had to use it to get swatches and all that good stuff. I'm really happy with this palette. I know some colors may be repeats from other palettes, I know for a fact Downtown, Holy Bible and Speed Blue are all repeats but its ok, we got a lot of new colors and I'm uber excited to share with you. I think the quality of her products are unbelievable. They are all consistent throughout. All shimmer shadows always have a wonderful payout and the matte shadows are just as good. I think Kat Von D's matte shadows use less effort to get a great color payoff than MAC and some other products I've used. Sorry I usually tend to compare to MAC because they are really popular and ridulously overpriced. That's my opinion. This palette cost $49 and it comes with 16 shadows and 1 mascara. So if we calculate, basically each item cost $2.88. That's a deal, sorry I'm not a huge fan when it comes to $15 for a small eyeshadow. Anyway, there are plenty of super great cosmetics lines that perform just as good or even better and I would tell anyone to branch out cause you never know you may fall in love with an alternative brand. Such as I, I love Kat Von D eyeshadows. I've also used the mascara that's included in this set and so far I really like it. But for me I hardly wear mascara, I only use it on my bottom lashes so my top lashes never really touch mascara too often. But so far its good, no complaints. Below are pictures of what the palette consists of as well as swatches so you can see how great and beautiful these colors are. Enjoy! =)

Click here for the video.

The cover has a felt material with a red metallic design of - of course - a candelabra.

The scripture says:
Looking out the window- it's gloomy out there- Everything's grey.... but in no way do feel like how it looks outside.
The time spent with you, regardless of both of our ups and downs has left me with an overwhelming sense of aliveness that I've never felt...
I think - for you - I'll draw a million drawings...
Just one small way of saying you own my heart....

Love is the Answer

The scripture says:
January 4, 2011
I always wanted two different colored eyes. I mean, I'm definitely not complaining-
I've always liked the dark brown eyes I inherited from my beautiful mother- but, Man! How cool would it be to have a dual- colored wolf eyes?!
Instead of complaining, I'd much rather just do my eyeshadow today inspired bu the idea of those eyes- one flat electric blue- and the other a smoky, shimmery, brown...
The best of both worlds!

Palette includes 16 eyeshadows that are 1.5g and a 0.47 fl.oz. mascara.

From L to R.
First Class, Sunset Blvd., Precious, Downtown, Camila, Galeano, Blackhearts, & WTF

From L to R
Holy Bible, Speed Blue, Oddfellow, Blacksmith, Helsinki, Evil Monkey, Nerd & Night of the Hunter.

Mascara has really pretty detailed packaging.

Insert from the back of the box so you can see what it consists of.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

❤ JulieG Nail Polish Collection from Jesse's Girl

I was uber excited for this collection. Jesse's Girl, Cathy, herself sent these to me to try out and I love them. Each color takes no more than two coats and they all have a nice shiny finish. I haven't tested them yet for early chipping. The longest I usually wear a color is about 2 1/2 days before I switch so they last that long without chips which is great for me. I really like the colors. They're very pretty. The one I like the best is Stiletto because the color is really unique and its neutral so it'd go with everything. Below are some swatches of each. I hope this helps when purchasing any Jesse's Girl products. Thanks for reading . Check out the video at YouTube.

Click here for the video.


Girls Night Out

Party Dress

Beauty Guru

Fashion Friday

All Things Girly

Mermaids Lagoon

Cupcake Frosting

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My first Halloween look this year is a favorite of mine, Ladybugs, hence my username on YouTube iLadybugGirl. Watch the video for some easy to do steps on how to acheive this look. Hopefully I can get a lot of Halloween looks in this year. I'm gonna try to get as many as I can this month. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any requests let me know! Thanks!!

Click here for the video.