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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

❥ Random Series: Look #2 with NYX COSMETICS

Random look #2. Eyeshadows I used are Jazzy Bronze, Extreme Apricot, Hollywood and Barely There all by NYX Cosmetics. So if you haven't seen look #1 I basically pick shadows at random and I have to create a look from them. Barely there I chose while the other 3 were random and this is the look I came up with. Watch the video for instruction on shadow placement. The photos make the Extreme Apricot appear more of a pink when its actually a bright orange.

Click here for the video.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

❤ Kat Von D Truth Palette Swatches

Like always I say this. Huge Kat Von D fan and I love her makeup! This palette is amazing. I'm not that ecstatic about the cream shadow, but it works alright for a base. Its a really pretty color, I wish it was an actual eyeshadow though. I love the soft neutral in this palette and the deep burgundy is a great smoky color. Very intense with great pigmentation. They're easy to blend. I love the quality of her eye shadows. I'm never disappointed.

Click here for the video.

❤ November Haul

This is a collective of items I've gotten in the last month or so. I titled this November Haul since I introducing it in November, not particulary because I got it all in November. I hope you guys enjoy and maybe get some ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

Anyway, below are photos of some items I've shown in the video. Here is the Wet N Wild eyebrow kit.

Kat Von D is my super favorite. I got three palettes, True Love, Angeles and Metal Orchestra. I will be doing swatch videos for these palettes in the near future.

Avon is a pretty decent brand, but not my go to for eyeshadows. They're nice and have an ok application, but to get a great color payoff you gotta work with it a bit.

Hot Topic eyeshadows look amazing and some are. So I got four fabulous colors, bright purple, an intense blue, neon green and a bright pink. You can see the swatches and how amazing the first three are. But when you see the pink, the swatch is quite pathetic. I even tried applying 3 coats and that's as bright as it got. Very sad and I was upset about it. Not too upset since this shadow was only 3 bucks but still!

Neon green so pretty!

The purple is so intense. I love how vibrant this is.

The blue is beautiful! Will definitely give any eye color a pop.

This pink is pathetic! I am so disappointed with the swatch. Not sure if I just got a bad or old one but it has no pigmentation at all.

Here are the 4 elf palettes I got and I love them. I love elf. I think they do produce a lot of great quality make up.

I love glitter but it can be very messy.

Click here for the video.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

❤ Rainbow Eyes

Bright rainbow eyeshadow. I used Inglot colors for this look. I chose the color pattern because I wanted to use the deep purple to smoke out the eye.

Click here for the video.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

❤ Halloween Colors Makeup

I wanted to combine Halloween colors, so I created this really simple look using orange, a few shades of green and purple with a dark purple. I know some people don't care to even dress up for Halloween but still want to be festive so this look may be right for you. I hope you all enjoy =)

Click here for the video.


So this is what I decided to be for Halloween, well for my friends' party the weekend before because I was also the devil the weekend prior. So this was my first time ever using liquid latex and it was easier to use then I expected. I also used all e.l.f. shadows for this look. Mainly the 100 eyeshadow palette. Check out my video for some easy to do steps. I'm really happy with the outcome and if I'd known how easy it was to use the liquid latex I most likely would have done most my face. I hope you like this =)

Click here for the video.