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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

❤ Concrete Minerals Review

I believe I just discovered my new obsession! Concrete Minerals!! I'm not saying that because I know the owner or anything. I really tested these bad boy products out to give you my honest opinion. First off, I will state that shipping was next day! Emily, the owner sent me this package out on Tuesday afternoon and I got it Wednesday!! That's freakin' amazing. So not only was she on top of her game with fast delivery, I'm super impressed with the products too.

Click here for the video.

So I received 2 Sexy Lips Lip Tints. I got them in Electro and Tease. I really love the packaging on these. I wasn't so sure what they really were when looking on the website cause they appear to be lipstick in a chapstick case. So when I tried them, they were basically just that. A lipstick and a chapstick had a baby and its a lip tint. They're soft and smooth like chapstick but have that hint of color like lipstick. They smell really good. The scent was really something that stood out because they freakin' smell like Andes Mints. I'm not sure if its just me, but I'd buy more of them cause they smell so good, and I can have that awesome aroma float into my nostrils all day long. Below are the two shades I have, and below that is the swatches on the back of my hand.

So the Electric Eye Primer is really amazing. Its so silky smooth and its application goes on so easily. Feels like baby lotion. I usually stick to bases that are kinda sticky (not like ew gross sticky) but tacky would be a better term. So I totally tested the primer out over the weekend. I will have makeup tutorials using the mineral eyeshadows. AND it totally lasted without any creasing or any kind of movement. Thumbs up!

The Mineral Eyeshadows are so cool. Like way cool, cooler than finding out who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother. Hahaha Anyway I got to try out 7 different shades, 6 are regular sizes and 1 is a sample. So in the photos above you can see all the pigments and swatches. If you have done swatches over and over, you can tell from a photo if a product is legit. So for me, those swatches are the shizznit! I'm very impressed with the color payoff. They're really pigmented, vibrant AND easy to blend together with one another. The colors from left to right are: Rocked, Ruse, Wicked, Brat, Zealous, Troublemaker and Souljourner.

So here is my experimenting, trying out, testing part of my review. Below are 4 photos. The first two are from Saturday. I did my makeup in early afternoon (cause I had dinner plans and whatnot afterwards) SOOOOO 8 wonderful fun hours later, and some karaoking lol, I came home and took another pic before I washed my face. The following 2 photos are from Sunday. I did a tutorial midday and 5 hours later took the next pic. I don't know why I didn't wait longer than that, but it was a 5 hour difference for that one.

So you can see that the primer really held on and the shadows stayed put. What more do you want from a makeup company? Oh that's right, great prices! The primer is $10.99, which isn't that bad since I do have a LORAC primer that's $21! So can't complain there. The Mineral Eyeshadows are $6.99 which is a reasonable price AND the website does offer sets and weekly specials, so always check the site to see what you can save.The Lip Tints are $5.99 which is a great price too. If you like Concrete Minerals on facebook, they offer a coupon code CMFBFAN, with this you can get 2 Mineral Eyeshadows for $10!
That's a wrap on my review, I hope it was informative! Let me know if you try out Concrete Minerals and what you think.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

❤ Green, Aqua, Pink & Brown Eyes

Here is a easy look using some fun colors. I love the aqua in this look. My video shows some simple steps to create this cut crease. Products used include LA Colors and Ladyburd paints. The paints are intended for eye use, so use are your own discretion OR just use colors you already have in your current collection.

Click here for the video.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

❤ • Kat Von D • Memento Mori Palette Swatches

I will say it over and over again, I am a HUGE Kat Von D fan. I finally got my hands on the Memento Mori palette. I also got the Gypsy palette too, thanks to an amazing girl on Make Up Alley. I will have a seperate video and blog for the Gypsy palette. This item is limited edition and you can no longer purchase it from Sephora. I have been looking for both of the palettes for over a year and I'm super estatic that I found someone who would sell them to me. In the swatches below, it kinda stands out that the cream shadow doesn't look very appealing. It's because it's almost dried out. I'm not too worried about it because I don't really use cream shadows, but it does suck cause KVD should have put all shadows in these palettes. I notice her newer ones have no cream shadows, so that's cool. I really love the white case and my fave color in this palette is meditation. Its so pretty and reminds me of a color from her Ludwig palette, Downtown. Anyway I wanted to share the colors so if anyone really loves these colors, you gotta work your butt off to find them. If not enjoy the photos. I can say without a doubt that 3 of the colors are in other palettes. Tijuana, Sugar Skull and Solitude I think were all in the first Tattoo Chronicles palette. So if you have that, you have almost half of them.

Click here for the video.

From left to right, True, Solitude, Meditation, Agatha Pink, Sugar Skull, Peggy, Hard Luck & Tijuana

Sunday, February 19, 2012

❤ Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Inspired Eyes

As you know I love Kat Von D so when I seen this photo of her with such bright colors I wanted to do my first celeb look!

All the shadows I used are from my Inglot palettes. The lipstick is NYX Spakle Lipstick in Orange. I love the yellow and green combo with the coral lips. So ready for spring. I haven't tried anything from the new line, but I hope to get my hands on it soon so I can review that for all ya'll KVD fans!

Click here for the video.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

❤ INGLOT Eyeshadow Palette #2 Swatches

Gosh I love Inglot! They are definitely a brand I will continue to by over and over again. I've only tried their eyeshadows, but I can't wait to try their other products. I usually don't like ordering online unless I know what I'm getting so I will wait until my next visit to Las Vegas and check out some more products. I'll be going in April so I can't wait! EEQ! This is my second eyeshadow palette that I got last year and I love all the bright colors. They're super pigments and have great color payoff. They blend together so well and I love the selection of colors that are part of the freedom system. If you don't already know, the freedom system is pretty awesome. Basically you choose your palette, here I chose the 10 eyeshadow square. I believe that they also have lipsticks and blushes part of the freedom system too. But I'll stick with the shadows. So you just pick out the colors you want in your palette. This one cost me $50 which is a pretty awesome price, that would make each eyeshadow only $5! Great right? They're really big too so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Click the link to check out the video.

Click here for the video.

493 - lilac, 483 - deep navy, 70 - bright blue, 58 - bright green, 16 - lime

450 - rust copper red, 51 - bright orange, 407 - coral, 397 - champagne, 453 - shimmer white

Sunday, February 12, 2012

❤ Soft Pink Valentine Eyes

Here is a really easy look for Valentine's Day. I used some neutral colors and soft pinks, I hope you like this. I also did a super bright pink look for the holiday too so go search for that if you think this is too subtle for your taste. All eyeshadows are NYX shadows and the blush is Pinky by NYX as well. Eyeliner is Almay liquid liner, I really love this stuff. I don't remember which lashes I used, but I am wearing two pairs here, I believe one may be from NYC. I may have to do some research sense alot of people ask and I never keep track. I'll be sure to be better at that.

Click here for the video.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

❤ Bright Yellow, Pink and Purple Eyes

Here is a look that I created using some bright colors! Its almost spring and nothing is better than color color color! My video shows some really easy steps to accomplish this look, so grab some bright colors and get to making. Thanks for watching my videos and if you have any questions, please let me know... or better yet, and requests, I'm so down to do some =)

Click here for the video.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

❤ wet n wild Blue Had Me At Hello Palette Swatches

Blue Had Me at Hello palette is a really nice palette. It reminds me of Kat Von D's Metal Orchestra palette with all the dark colors and dark blues. I love the pigmentation. They're very vibrant. I especially love the turquiose color. Its very pretty and gives any look that instant pop of color. For $4.99 I think this is a great buy.

Click here for the video.

Friday, February 3, 2012

❤ Jesse's Girl Nail Polish Collection

I have been getting more and more into nail polishes. My hubby hates it, but in all reality its much more affordable than makeup. I will always love makeup though. Anyway I slowly but surely collected all 18 nail polishes that make up Jesse's Girl's nail polish collection. I believe this is a permanent line so it should be around forever... hopefully. I was thinking about including photos of each polish with a nail swatch but that consists of 18 photos SO watching the video would be much easier. I hope this helps anyone out when purchasing nail polishes in the future. Thanks for watching.

Click here for the video.