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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

❥ Random Series: Look #1 with NYX COSMETICS

So I decided to start a series and I was looking for something unique and I haven't seen anyone do this yet so I'm gonna try. For each look in my random series I'm gonna go through my eye shadows and at random choose shadows that I must create a look with. This is the first look. I think the colors went well together. Let me know what you think. The colors used in this look are Platinum Pink, Green Tea, Eggplant, Wildfire and I chose the 5th color, Geisha.

Click here for the video.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

❤ Pure Ice Nail Polish Swatches

Pure Ice nail polish can be found at Walmart. I think these a really great quality for the price. Only 2 of them shown below did I have to apply more than 1 coat. I love the variety of fun colors that vary from metallic finish, to matte to shimmer/sparkle finish. I don't mind applying the extra coats to the more irredescent shades because they last a pretty decent amount of time. These are the few I happily own, so I hope these swatches help you when purchasing Pure Ice nail polish.

Click here for the video.
Silver Mercedes, New Lilac & Wild Thing

No Means No, Flirt Alert & Mint Dream

Hot Tamale, Celestrial & Rio

Outrageous, China Girl & Calypso

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

❤ Kat Von D Ludwig Palette Swatches

I love Kat Von D and I absolutely love this palette. It comes with eight eyeshadows that are all very pigmented and very consistant. They are each .05 oz which is the same size as a MAC eyeshadow so for the price of $34 they are basically $4.25 per eyeshadow. That's a steal. I would totally recommend this palette. There are plenty of neutral colors that go well with the greens in this palette. If you try this out, let me know what you think. I hope these swatches help you out in your makeup purchasing needs.

Click here for the video.
Lucifer, Orbi, Dimebag, Tequila, Clay, Downtown, Baroque and Leather

Friday, July 15, 2011

❤ Summer Nights Look

Here is a look perfect for those summer nights. You wanna look good so I darkened up a neutral look the's perfect for the evening. I used all Inglot shadows from their freedom system. You don't have to use the exact colors, use anything close or mix it up with other colors that suit you. I hope you like this look, you can watch my video on YouTube under iLadybugGirl.
Click here for the video.

Monday, July 11, 2011

❤ Easy To Do Summer Look Using NYX

So to create this simple easy summer look all you will need are three neutrel colors. I used NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Shadow in Oro, its basically just a metallic gold shadow. And I also chose Volcano and Barely There. First I primed my eyes with Lorac Primer. Then I applied the gold shadow all over my eyelid using a shadow brush. Add the highlight, Barely There, below your brow. Then using a contour brush or blending brush add the darker color, Volcano, to the crease. Wipe off any access shadow from the brush and use the same brush to blend Volcano into the highlight. After that I used some pencil eyeliner and lined my waterline on my top lid. Then add mascara. I decided to use some simple not too over the top lashes since I don't have very thick noticable lashes. I used NYX Black Label Lipstick in Girly Pink. I chose this because its also not too over the top and I think it goes well with the summer theme. I hope you enjoy this look for today.

Click here for the video.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

❤ Sugarpill Sweetheart Makeup

I used the Sugarpill Sweetheart palette for this look and I used all four colors provided in the palette. First I applied my base then I applied Midori, the green shadow, all over my lid area. I then used Tako as a highlight and also applied at my tearduct to open my eyes more. Then using Dollipop, the very bright pink shadow, I added that above the crease and blended it into the highlight color. Then the final color, Afterparty the pretty vibrate blue shadow, I added on my bottom lid below the lashes, but not too much cause you don't want to look like you have black eyes. That finishes my easy Sugarpill Sweetheart Makeup look. I hope you liked this look.
Click here for the video.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

❤ 4th of July Nails!

Here is my first tutorial on nails. How to create 4th of July nails. I hope you guys like this.

Click here for the video.

❤ 4th of July Makeup!

Here is my version of the red white a blue eyes for this 4th of July. It's real easy to do and everything I used you can get from your local drugstore. The look includes Jesse's Girl eye dusts, transformer, baked shadow and cream shadow, also Almay liquid liner and Wet N Wild eyeliner. Very simple look, easy to do. Give a try and let me know what you think.

Click here for the video.

Monday, July 4, 2011

❤ NYX Mini Haul

So my husband and I were wondering around the mall, mainly I wanted to check out The Icing to see if they have any new makeup that I could check out. They have some nice stuff that really works so if you're ever there check it out. I may be doing a swatch video of some eye shadows that they use to carry but they should be the same quality as the new stuff they have in. Anyway my mall now has a NYX kiosk so my jaw dropped when I spotted it and my hubby was like "oh sh*t" lol. I only got a few things. 5 nail polishes and 2 glitter on the go powders. Below are swatches of each so if you like it go buy some. I love NYX and most of their stuff is really great.
Click here for the video.
Bronze Goddess NPG 101

Robotic NPG 139

Enchanted Forest NPG 163

Fire Amber NPG 165

Drops of Dew NPG 236

Las Vegas GOG21

Champagne Bubble GOG22A

NYX Mini Haul
Sorry the lighting isn't very good but here's a quick mini haul of a few NYX items I got from the mall. My mall now has a kiosk of just NYX! I'm uber excited for it so I'll be paying the mall a visit more often now =)