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Monday, January 30, 2012

❤ Super Duper Easy CD Case Palette

Super easy to do CD case palette.
What you need:
CD Case that you don't need anymore
Depotted Eyeshadows or anything that would fit into the case,
Glue, I used Elmers Glue
Magnet Sheet (optional)
Paper with a picture or image you want to display on the case.

This is probably the easiest project ever!
Step 1:
Take out the CD and cover from the CD case. You are then gonna remove the part of the CD case that hold the CD in place. Easiest way is hold the bottom of the case in both hand then slowly twist it. One corner will pop out. Grab that corner and pull it so the opposite corner pops out. Then you'll have to manuever to the other side and pull on one corner inwards away from the edge and once that corner is released it should come right out.
Step 2:
Have your Paper ready (with printed picture or image you desire.)
You don't have to have paper. Feel free to just glue the shadows to the back of the case if you want.
Printing measurements are front 4.78 x4.78 and back is 5.95x4.73
Cut your paper to correct measurements. If your image was printed to big you can either reprint at a smaller size or just cut off the edges. Basically you just need the paper to be cut to the measurements below. I only did it for the back of the case and left the front empty so I can easily see my eyeshadows.
The case itself, the front is 4 inches by 4 inches and the back is about 4 inches by 4 1/4 inches wide.
Step 3:
Glue the paper to the back of the case. Then begin gluing the eyeshadows to the paper. Let dry and you're done!

Easy right? I've been wanting to make a cd palette but never decided what I wanted to put into one. Then one day I officially decided that my NYX eyeshadow trio were just plain ugly in the palette contraption they came in. So the cd case came into play and I'm super happy with it and it's totally cute. I hope you guys try this out.

Click here for the video.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

❤ Intense Pink Valentine Eyes

My first Valentine look! I absolute love the final product. Items I used are Icing white eyeshadow along with Sugarpill Tako eyeshadow. Then NYX Red Pink single shadow and NYX Purple single shadow. I also used some LORAC's Private Affair Smoky Eye Palette, the darkest purple in it to smoke out the edges of my eyes. Plus 2 pairs of lashes to give this look extra flair. I will be doing a more subtle look for anyone who this this is too extreme for them. Thanks for watching.

Click here for the video.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

❤ LA Colors Swatches

I've seen LA Colors in many places and never had an interest to try it out UNTIL my husband and I went to the Dollar Tree and I spotted the trios there. They had 6 of them and I fell in love. I think for a buck a piece they're totally worth it. They have great pigmentation and easy to blend. I think LA Colors is overlooked because most would think that it's not a good quality product since its mostly sold in mom and pop stores and just random places. I think they'll be up and coming and more popular especially through YouTube. Here are the swatches of each palette. Enjoy!

Click here for the video.

Lemon Grove

Shoot Star

Southern Belle


Tiki Punch

Sand Dune

Grassy Knoll

Moon Rock

Thursday, January 19, 2012

❤ Smokey Blue & Bright Yellow Eyes

Yellow and Blue fun! Yellow is Inglot and Blue is Kat Von D! I love the brightness of the yellow combined with the edginess of the deep smokey blue. I think this is a fun and edgy look that will work great for a night out. Its really easy to do and you don't need expensive brands to do it, use anything in your collection!

Click here for the video.

Monday, January 16, 2012

❤ Yellow, Green, Blue and Orange Eyes

Here is a fun look that's a bit neutral and also has a bit of flare. I used all Inglot eyeshadows for this look. In the video description I provide everything I used on the eyes. I hope you guys enjoy this look. I loved it, I think the color eyeliner finishes the look perfectly. Let me know what you think and if you have any requests, I'm down for a challenge!

Click here for the video.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

❤ Xmas & Misc Haul

I was super excited and super grateful for all the wonderful gifts I received this holiday season. This haul includes some I received and some stuff I purchased as well. I was gonna include more photos but I know I wanna do a swatch video on the LA Color Trios and maybe the 88 eyeshadow palette too. But I hope you enjoyed the video, I think haul videos are fun, I'm not intended to show anything off but to share with you. I enjoy watching haul videos too. Recently my fave to watch is Inglot hauls. Thanks for watching.

Click here for the video.

❤ Smokey Purple Eyes

Smokey Purple Eyes, I've always wanted to do this look. I remember way back when I first started doing videos I had never done a purple look because I never had super great purple shadow, or at least nice and dark. So using a dark base with some pretty colors I came up with this look. I used Sugarpill and Jesse's Girl, two of my favorite brands. I hope you like this look and give it a try.

Click here for the video.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

❤ Winter Wonderland Eyes

Here's an easy to do winter look. Its been kinda warm where I live but hey this still works. I used some colors from the Kat Von D Beethoven palette and some from an elf palette. Hope you like this look.

Click here for the video.