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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

❤ Fake MAC Pigments Swatches

Fake MAC pigments are actually pretty impressive. I had the intention to purchase these on eBay already knowing that they are not genuine MAC pigments. Now I probably should have posted a video and blog about the differences before posting the swatches since I've been getting a lot of questions about how you can tell if they are fake. Don't worry I will get that information for you all very soon. I got these on eBay through a seller, 1776shop for $32.00 with free shipping. I did have to participate in the auction. I think the "buy it now" was in the $40-$50 range. I know the seller is not selling anything right now, but if you want to find these just search "Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pigment Color Powder." There may be a lot of people selling the pigments individually so you gotta look for the lot of 40. I've heard a lot about the fake MAC pressed shadows being crap, I am tempted to test them out to judge for myself. We will see if I think its worth it. But for now, I am impressed with these pigments and they work just as well as other pigments and as well as MAC pigments. Some are finely milled, some are a little chunky, some are shimmery and sparkly and matte. There is a large variety of finishes. There are a lot of bright colors and a good amount of neutrals. I think its definitely worth the purchase, I mean $32 for 40 pigments at 7.5 grams, That's .80¢ a jar. Can't beat the price. Below I just included pictures of some of the pigments, you can click below to watch the video of all the swatches. Thanks for watching and reading my blog.
Click here for the video.

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